Freeride snowcat assisted skiing and snowboarding in Macedonia

About 2019 winter

It’s been a fruitful season for SharOutdoors. In the same time, it happen to be our first and foremost one. Great thanks to every single devoted individual who is responsible for putting every puzzle into place, and therefore making our first freeride deep powder season to blossom.

Our team’s cook is really one of the best, when it comes to preparing the most unique local recipes.

The team

Our SharOutdoors freeride collective consists of like-minded nature addicted adventure seekers, all of whom are progressing in the local and remote areas of the astonishing and idyllic backlands of Macedonia. Therefore we will be more than happy to show you and lead you through the uniqueness of the exceptional Balkan mountain lifestyle.

What to expect

Catching the first sun rays on mornings with views over piled up with snow mountain valleys and peaks. Backcountry ski taxi with our snowcats to the most remote areas of the mountainous backlands and freeride the best slopes stashed with deep powder snow blankets and well defined couloirs with snow packed funnels. Freeride ski and snowboard guiding is what we do best.

Check the link to a recap video of our last season:

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