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Skitour the Highest Peaks in Montenegro, Albania & Macedonia

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    A tour for real explorers, the Highest peaks tour will take you to the best ski areas of this three Balkan countries, that are home to some amazing mountains

    • Ski tour in the Accursed mountains in Monte Negro
    • Ski mount Korab, the highest peak in both Macedonia and Albania
    • Ski the highest peak on Shar Mountain, Tito’s peak and enjoy an amazing long line in full backcountry terrain
    • Experience the warm Balkan hospitality and amazing food


    Skiing in the Balkan mountains has a long history and tradition. Much like in the Alps, people that lived in the Balkan mountains used skis in their daily life. On this tour you will be able to visit rural and hidden villages in like the Accursed mountains, Korab and Shar Mountain. We will guide you through this amazing terrains, and ski from the highest peaks in the countries, by also showing you the best of the Balkan hospitality.

    Although Montenegro is best known for it Adriatic coast, it is the vivid mountains of this country that actually gave the name of the country. Montenegro is a mountainous country, and a very beautiful one. From the amazing and steep lines in the Accursed mountains, shared with Albania and Kosovo, to the long forest lines of Kolashin area, or the breathtaking valleys of Durmitor national park, Montenegro has it all. Skiing fresh lines on amazing powder, experience long and proud history, genuine people and amazing variety of food and local wine, your visit will involve all your senses to give you a full ski holiday.

    Daily ascents in the ski touring will vary from the level of the group, but we can expect 900 to 1400 meters per day. The variety of mountains allow us to make different programs with great ease, providing the best conditions possible in the different mountain ranges.

    The accommodation will be a mix of local home stays, that in the recent years have improved to the level of coziness that everyone would like to experience but without losing their authenticity. On the other hand the hotels we also use are boutique, so personal experience is very much involved. We are sure that by the time our ski trip is going towards its end, you will know our hosts by name, and they will know what is your favorite food and vine from Montenegro.

    Beautifully settled on the coast of the Adriatic and Ionian sea, Albania seems like it has just been discovered for the tourists. Due to its hard communist regime, the country was hardly visited until the early 90 s. Its amazing mountain ranges are often extending to the borders of Albania with Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, which made this places even harder to get to in the older times. So ski touring in Albania has a real element of exploring an untracked territory. The best known parts for ski touring is Valbona and Theth vally in the Accursed mountains, or the Albanian alps as it is also called. This chain of the Dinaric alps is offering serious steep lines with breathtaking views. The vicinity of the Adriatic sea is providing lots of fresh snow for the season, with February and March being the best months to visit. The ski touring is often on the borderline with Montenegro, so you can peak into the other country on a daily bases, and epic rides from peaks like Maja e Rosit or Maja Jezerca area are long lasting memories afterwards.

    Even though the Albanian alps are an amazing and big mountain range, the highest peak of Albania lies on the border with Macedonia in the east of the country. Korab mountain range, with its highest peak Golem Korab at 2764 meters, is one of the most rewarding ski tours you can go on. Excellent quality snow and big terrain to explore, while you spend time in a remote village that took it baby steps into tourism just a couple of years before. You will treat yourself on this ski trip with some amazing skiing while you get the best of the local food and hospitality.

    Daily ascents in Albania can vary from 600 to 1400 meters. Some of the more demanding tours would require some winter mountaineering experience and usage of crampons and ice axe.

    The accommodation in Albania is usually in warm and cozy home stays, where our hosts also provide the traditional food for us. Also we use boutique hotels where we have to possibility to. In Korab mountain range we can also stay in a basic hotel or home stay, where we have all the necessities and the best access to the ski area above us.

    Macedonia or the heart of the western Balkan peninsula is a country covered with about 70% of mountains. Skiing in Macedonia has already a century tradition, knowing that the first skiers were the local explorers together with people from the Alps. Macedonia was celebrated as one of the best places to ski for the people of ex Yugoslavia, but the long transition made most of the ski centers to become non attractive because of lack of infrastructure. But in the recent years, we started to understand that exactly this lack of infrastructure is a great advantage for the real adventure seekers. Ski touring in Macedonia means that you have excellent access to most of the starting points but the lack of ski lifts, chairlifts and people make this massive mountains easy to access and free to explore and enjoy first lines for multiple days. The highest peaks in Macedonia are located on Shar mountain, a massive 80 km long mountain range with 30 peaks above 2500 meters, and Korab, as mentioned previously, the highest peak in both countries Albania and Macedonia. Skiing almost all the time above from peaks above 2500 meters makes Macedonia a well hidden gem for free skiing. Long cirques with north exposure, rounded peak, bowls, couloirs…there is terrain for every taste.

    Ascent in Macedonia will also wary from 1000 to 1800 meters per day, depending of the clients and the current conditions. Apart from the exploring of Korab, where we can try the best lines on the Macedonian side, on Shar mountain we can also use a snow cat assisted ski touring trip to access the highest part and the best skiing.

    Accommodation in Macedonia in the areas of the highest peaks is in small and boutique hotels. We also work with some bigger hotels that have a SPA, so after the long ski days we can relax in a nice sauna or even have a massage. Food in Macedonia is practically organic, and the variety is a mix of oriental and Greek influence with a local Macedonian and Albanian twist. Macedonia is also very well known for its amazing wine and rakia which will just add the final touch to this ski touring vacation.

    Group size: suited for 6-12 People
    Best season is January – Mid of April we recommend February until 1. week of April for best conditions
    Duration: 8 Days including arrival and departure
    Difficulty: advanced
    visiting countries: Montenegro | Albania | Macedonia
    Type of activity: ski touring

    Our guides have the right to change the program, cancel or choose a different tour due unexpected conditions in order to provide maximum safety for the group.

    All participants must be reasonably fit and must have proper ski touring equipment for avalanche rescue: probe, shovel and transceiver. It can be rented by SharOutdoors at additional costs.

    Please contact us if you are unsure about any requirements.

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