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Highest Peaks of the Shar Mountain range

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    This is a ski touring trip for real advanture seekers. Our choice is to settle in a great location, from where we can access great tours without much effort.

    • Best Macedonian skitouring selected based on conditions and snow
    • Explore the great Shar Mountain range with its unique vistas and peaks
    • Enjoy a unique backcountry experience and demanding, but rewarding tours


    Shar Mountain is the longest mountain range bordering Macedonia and Kosovo with 30 peaks exceeding 2500m asl.
    It is a backcountry paradise, that is still off the beaten trail.

    On this tour we take you to the highest peaks of the mountain, with visiting the crown of Shar Mountain – Tito´s Peak, Bakardan, Mal Turcin all above 2700 meters. We willfind and ski down the best offpiste and freeride that this mountains can offer. The long mountain range has an extended ridge line, and offers very good access to start the tours from the local villages.

    Theese villages are mainly cattle hearding villages, that keep old traditions alive and we will meet amazing hosts that will often share their local products with us. Apart from the three highest peaks, some amazing lines await on this 80 km long mountain. The historical peak Ljuboten, recognizable by its pyramide shape, proudly stands on the border between Macedonia and Kosovo. Our local hosts run a villa on 1600 meters, from where we can sit relaxed and choose our ski line for the day. Kobilica or the horseback peak, is another amazing peak standing between Macedonia and Kosovo. Our base for that tour is a small ethnic albanian village in the base of the peak, where we can chit chat with the locals, try the local honey and then get to bussiness of climbing this epic peak with a 1200 meters descent line. And the epic peak Borislavec, located above Bogovinje lake where our company has started a new snow-cat freeride operation, is only accessible by ski touring. Our nearby base is a great start to reach this snow giant and ride amazing first descents.

    The tour will be individually tailored to your specifications for difficulty, vertical meters, required rest days and accomodation budget. The daily ascent can vary from a fine 900 meters to challenging 1800 meters per day. Of course suitable accomodation and fine rest with great local food will be set upon our return. Upon your request, we will discuss your offpiste ski level and touring ability, and will make a fine tailored program so you can ski and enjoy the most.


    Our accomodation varies depending on the peaks we choose. We try to position ourself the closest to the starting point so we can make use of most of the day, without compromising comfort and good local food and beverages. So we use everything from 4 star hotels to cosy home stays that offer best value for money.

    Groupsize: suited for 6-12 People
    Best season is January – Mid of April we recommend February until 1. week of April for best conditions
    Duration: from 5-7 Days
    Difficulty: advanced
    visiting countries: Macedonia | Kosovo
    Type of activity: skitouring

    Our guides have the right to change the program, cancel or choose a different tour due unexpected conditions in order to provide maximum safety for the group.

    All participants must be reasonably fit and must have proper ski touring equipment for avalanche rescue: probe, shovel and transceiver. It can be rented by SharOutdoors at additional costs.

    Please contact us if you are unsure about any requirements.

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