Snowcat Skiing Freeride in Macedonia – Mountain Lodge
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Snowcat Skiing Freeride in Macedonia – Mountain Lodge

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Snowcat Skiing Freeride in Macedonia – Mountain Lodge


    Snowcat Skiing Freeride in Macedonia – Mountain Lodge

    • Stay in a remote mountain lodge away from civilization and ski virgin lines in an untouched area
    • Freeride with snowcat in one of the most exciting & hidden spots in the Balkans
    • Make your stay memorable by experiencing local traditional cuisine cooked by a personal chef in a cozy setting
    • Ride with local expert guides that will show you every hidden stash of powder
    • Enjoy a safe adventure full of adrenaline


    Bogovinje Mountain Lodge…

    Have you ever wondered how it would be to live like a real mountaineer, in a mountain hut? In a stone and wooden house with a wooden stove, wooden interior, together with your own private chef? Living completely off-the-grid without any civilization in your sight? Well, we did, and now we want you to be able to feel the same! With Sharoutdors you can now venture into the wild Shar Mountains in Macedonia. Most importantlyWe know that our crew will make your cat skiing in Macedonia unforgettable.

    Expect unprecedented Balkan Freeride in the remote valleys of the Shar Mountains, away from any civilization or ski resort. You will stay in a wooden eco-lodge that has been custom built for that purpose. Together with a traditional stone hunters house it will be our basecamp, from where we go out into the surrounding valleys and coloirs for some never before skied lines.

    After a successful PILOT year, our team of locals did some fine tuning to Bogovinje hut and as a result, now we are ready to host our guests and welcome them for the second time. Besides that, riding with locals will continue to set benchmarks for quality and safety in Bogovinje area. Dajana, Nikola, Mihail and Goce will continue to work on to prepare the best meals, house activities, unbeaten tracks, and safety requirements in order to facilitate the one.

    The hut is cosy and will be warm with good stoves and newly build a bathroom. However, these are basic facilities in a remote wilderness…

    As always we focus on good food. In the evening a local cook will provide traditional dishes from the region. Macedonia is famous for its wine, so we will have some good local wine up in the hut. For breakfast, we go more international and for lunch we take lunch packets with us, not to lose precious riding time.

    Our guides have the right to change the program, cancel or choose a different tour due unexpected conditions in order to provide maximum safety for the group.

    All participants must be reasonably fit and must have proper ski touring equipment for avalanche rescue: probe, shovel and transceiver. It can be rented by SharOutdoors at additional costs.

    Please contact us if you are unsure about any requirements.

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