7 Days e-bike Tour de Macedonia

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Experience the natural beauties and the rich culture of Macedonia


Day 1 – Arrival on International Airport Skopje. Transfer from Airport to the city of Skopje and if time allows, we will have an organized city tour in Skopje. We will have a stroll through the city center, and spend a nice afternoon in the city.  We will organize a traditional lunch in the Old Bazar in the city, which is the most authentic part. We will organize a transfer Hotel&SPA Scardus 4* in the ski resort Popova Sapka on Shar Mountain. In the evening we will organize traditional dinner, and a briefing about the tour. We will also set the bikes individually, so the next day we can enjoy the riding.

Accommodation. Hotel Scardus 4* (www.hotelscardus.com)


Day 2 – After breakfast we will start riding directly from the hotel. We will ascent to 2000 meters of altitude in the morning, and start descending a nice and vivid single trail deep in the Shar Mountain forests. From the single trail we will exit on a dirt road, taking us up and down to one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia, the Valley of Lower Leshnica where we will organize a picnic lunch. If we decide to do a short hike, we can access the small Krivoshija waterfall, famous for the rock formation it creates. We will ride off toward the villages of Bozovce, Veshala and Shipkovica, crossing two small mountain rivers, where our transport will pick us up.

*(Our partner hotel on Popova Shapka allows us not to check out in the morning, and keep the rooms till we finish the tour. For our convenience and having in mind we have a 1.5 hour transfer after the tour, we suggest morning checkout, and transfer directly from the village of Shipkovice. If the group decides to keep the rooms, we are also flexible for that option, but dinner may be a bit delayed due to later arrival).

Afternoon transfer to National Park Mavrovo, and the Hotel Bistra 4*, where we spend 2 nights.

Dinner and overnight in 4* Hotel Bistra. (http://www.bistra.com/)

Technical details of the trail:

  • Length- 45 km
  • Average slope – 6 %
  • Max slope – 26 %
  • Starting point – 1710m
  • Ending point – 1710m
  • Highest point- 2010m
  • Lowest point – 980m
  • Elevation gain – 1240m
  • Elevation loss – 1240m

Day 3 – After breakfast and then start riding from the hotel. First we have a short ride in the villa zone of the ski center Mavrovo, next to one of the biggest artificial lakes in Macedonia. Soon after, we start riding in deep pine and Beech forests, through the amazing villages of Vrben, Bogdevo, Krakocnica, and Brodec to Strezimir. Most of these villages are deserted, but start becoming alive in the summer with traditional sheepherding and honey keeping, while through the history a specific ethnical group have been living in these villages called Brsjaks.  After the descent, we will have a short bike ride on asphalt to Korab Trnica for a traditional lunch and then transfer to hotel Bistra. We will have our transport ready, but it is also an option for us to bike back to the hotel, if we want to.

Dinner will be organized in a small family restaurant close to our hotel. We can preorder some of the local traditional foods, such as cheese pie, kachamak (acorn flower dish), porcini mushroom soup etc. Overnight in Hotel Bistra 4*

Technical details of the trail:

  • Length- 58km
  • Average slope – 4.5%
  • Max slope – 22.5%
  • Starting point – 1240m
  • Ending point – 1000m
  • Highest point- 1580m
  • Lowest point – 920m
  • Elevation gain – 1050m
  • Elevation loss – 1300m

Day 4 – On this day, after breakfast and checkout we will start riding to the village of Leunovo, positioned next to Mavrovo Lake. From there we exit on a nice dirt road, wiggling through pine and beech forest to one of the most beautiful highlands in Macedonia. We will cross picturesque pastures, with views going as far as the borders with Albania and Kosovo. On our ride there is a possibility to witness the century long traditions of shepherding, and we will organize a picnic lunch in one of the sheepfolds. We will also have a cheese tasting of one of the most famous local dairy products. We will continue riding in the highlands toward the small and almost deserted village of Lazaropole, through the territory of yet another ethnical group – the Miyaks. We will arrive in the village of Lazaropole, where we stay on a small boutique hotel Kalin, where we will also be able to enjoy yet another traditional dinner and overnight in a remote place. Dinner and overnight in hotel Kalin.

Technical details of the trail:

  • Length- 34km
  • Average slope – 5.5%
  •  Max slope – 25%
  •  Starting point – 1700m
  •  Ending point – 1290m
  •  Highest point – 1890m
  •  Lowest point – 1280m
  •  Elevation gain – 550m
  •  Elevation loss – 1000m

Day 5 – Breakfast in Hotel Kalin, and checkout. Today we will have a short, one hour transfer to
the starting point of our tour. We will transfer toward our famous Ohrid Lake, the UNESCO protected
natural and cultural heritage. We start our riding in the village known also as the Republic of Vevcani.
Known for its amazing architecture as well as the wonderful spring of Vevchani, the Yablanica Mountain
is one of the least visited beauties in Macedonia. Formed as an old volcano, it is a lively mountain full of
small rivers, pastures and high forests. It is also a National Park from the side of Albania, and gives us
one of the best views to the amazing Ohrid Lake. We will start riding from this village to the highest

village of the mountain Jablanica, Gorna Belica and ride parallel with the border of Albania high in the
mountains. Riding on the ridge offers breathtaking views, and we slowly will descend to the Radozda
village on the Ohrid lake shore. Lunch is organized in a traditional fish restaurant in Radozda (swimsuits
should be ready, and our transport will meet us there). And then transfer to the hotel Nova Riviera, or
similar in the city of Ohrid. (www.novariviera.mk)

Technical details of the trail:

  • Length- 37km
  •  Average slope – 8%
  •  Max slope – 25%
  •  Starting point – 870m
  •  Ending point – 699m
  •  Highest point – 1620m
  •  Lowest point – 699m
  •  Elevation gain – 1200m
  •  Elevation loss – 1350m

Day 6 – Breakfast at the hotel start riding toward the Monastery Sv. Naum. Today’s ride is easier
and mostly on asphalt roads. We will cross around 40 kilometers in both directions, passing through
small fisherman villages, and amazing lagoon type beaches. We will arrive to the famous IX-th century
St. Naum Monastery, where we will talk about the dynamical history of the region, but also we will
witness the amazing phenomenon of the springs of Drim River, a system of underwater springs,
emerging in a big lagoon. On the ride back, we will organize our lunch and have a lunch in a traditional
fish restaurant in village Trpejca, where our transport will also meet us. We can have a laidback
afternoon by the lake, enjoying swimming and a fine lunch with the amazing Ohrid trout cooked in the
simplest way possible – grilled on charcoal. In the early afternoon we will transfer to Ohrid for some free
time, before we have dinner by the lake in the city.
Accommodation in Hotel Nova Riviera or similar.

Technical details of the trail: 

  • Length- 37m
  • Average slope – 4%
  • Max slope – 13.5%
  • Starting point – 699m
  • Ending point – 699m
  • Highest point – 900m
  • Lowest point – 699m
  • Elevation gain – 600m
  • Elevation loss – 550m

Day 7 – Breakfast in the hotel and then transfer to the starting point in the village Velestovo on
the mountain Galichica. For our last riding day we have chosen the amazing Galichica National Park.
Rising right next to the city of Ohrid, Galichica is an integral part of the UNESCO protected Ohrid lake
biodiversity region. An old karst mountain, it is a home of many species of wildlife. We will ride in the

high mountain valleys of Galicica to the village of Elshani where we will have a homemade traditional
lunch in a guest house. From there riding down to the lake and near the lake and back to the hotel.
Transfer to Skopje or overnight in Ohrid, depending on the location and time of departure flight.
(Ohrid has an airport also, it’s St. Apostol Paul airport, operating from May to October.
Depending on the place and time of departure, we can either choose to stay one more overnight in
Ohrid, or transfer to Skopje. Depending on that we will also have to check out in the morning).
Accommodation in Hotel Nova Riviera in Ohrid or Hotel Cara 1928 in Skopje.

Technical details of the trail:

  • Length- 50km
  • Average slope – 5%
  • Max slope – 26%
  • Starting point – 699m
  • Ending point – 699m
  • Highest point – 1600m
  • Lowest point – 699m
  • Elevation gain – 1250m
  • Elevation loss – 1250m

Day 8 – Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

End of program.



  • Guidance (tour leader and driver)
  • Accommodation in rooms as per program
  • All meals as per program, lunch package if necessary (beverages excluded)
  • Entrance fees at national parks

Not included:

  • Flight tickets to the destination
  • Individual expenses
  • Entrance fees in cultural sites
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips

Packing list:

  • Mid-size, comfortable rucksack (10-20 liter) with padded straps and waist belt, internal frame preferred; waterproof liner recommended keeping clothing, etc. dry inside
  • Sturdy, worn in biking shoes
  • Good waterproof top with hood
  • Warm clothes, both for windy / cold daytime conditions and for the cool evenings (fleece tops or similar)
  • Bike shorts and long trousers for walking, preferably quick-drying material
  • Sweatshirts or T-shirts for biking, at least one with long sleeves and collar (against sun-burn)
  • Sunglasses, sun block
  • Medicine for personal use
  • Photographers: bring your cameras
Group size: suited for 6-10 People
Best season for this activity is from April to October
Duration: 8 Days in total
Difficulty: variable
Visiting areas: Skopje | Popova Sapka | Mavrovo| Lazaropole | Ohrid Region
Type of activity: E-Biking

Our guides have the right to change the program, cancel or choose a different tour due unexpected conditions in order to provide maximum safety for the group.

All participants must be reasonably fit and must have proper equipment for practicing the activities as mentioned at the bottom of the tour description.

Please feel free to contact us in advance if you are unsure about any requirements.

Looking forward to welcome you!

Download PDF version of this Tour

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